Jewelry Storage Organizer

By | November 27, 2016

Jewelry Storage Organizer

Price: $84.29


Features ten 1 1/4″ drawers with exterior label pocket and handle. Drawers accommodate full size tray liners (found under tray inserts). Measures 8 1/2″ x 14 5/8″ x 16 1/4″ tall.Measures 8 1/2″ x 14 5/8″ x 16 1/4″ tall.
Features ten 1 1/4″ drawers with exterior label pocket and handle.

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8 thoughts on “Jewelry Storage Organizer

  1. Letty57

    I replaced my jewelry chest with this (the full size/sits on the floor kind) and am thrilled! It fits on a shelf in my closet organizer instead of taking up floor space and I have been able to mix and match drawer liners for what works best for me. I do not regret donating my other jewelry box!

  2. Lena

    It doesn’t come with tray inserts but it’s well-made, nicely finished (inside the drawers, too) and spacious. It’s a little too big for my needs, but it can store all my jewelry in one place and that’s what I wanted. If that’s what you need and can find a room for it, I would totally recommend it.

  3. Liz, Cooking Enthusiast

    Great jewelry organizer! I’m an earring junkie and I put a 32 compartment full size tray liner in the drawer and can easily organize my earrings by color. Also great for bracelets and necklaces if you get the right tray liners. Very versatile and has lots of capacity!

  4. Linda P

    I was looking for a place to store my many beaded jewelry items & this is perfect. Well worth the price. I didn’t buy inserts – I made my own lining instead. I went to the bead store & bought 10 Vellux bead mats for $1 each. The length is perfect, you just have to cut a strip off the side. The reason beaders use these mats is because nothing moves on them. It works great for me. And as others have said this item is very sturdy & seems well-made.

  5. Deborahann G.

    I do love this item (I bought 3). It is super pricey in my opinion AND you have to buy the inserts which adds a lot to the cost (go to ebay to buy the inserts as buying on Amazon is way too expensive). That said, I have not found anything else that works as well to organize as this. Other jewelry organizers seem to only have a few narrow drawers and then several larger drawers which for me are a waste of space. I need to organize my earrings and necklaces and the narrow drawers are perfect.

  6. Monica

    This is a very good quality jewelry chest. The drawers are decorative, as they have the pretty scrolled pulls. So far these pulls seem well attached. Only time will tell. The label slots on the front of the drawers are a nice added feature. I don’t think I will use them because I have poor penmanship and I don’t want to distract from the prettiness of the front. I do wish this chest was wide rather than long. With the chest being so long it is hard to see all the jewelry at once without having to pull the entire drawer out. This is a huge drawback, therefore only four stars. Also, I wish the drawers had a lifting top to further cover from dust build up.

  7. Charlotte S.

    I purchased two of these and LOVE them. They are exactly what I needed to organize my jewelry collection. I ordered a bunch of full size tray liners in various shapes to accommodate necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, etc., and have now organized and neatly stored all of my jewelry. Where I formerly had bunches of smaller jewelry boxes with things in a jumble and inadequate compartments, I now have everything ordered and organized. The product is sturdy and well-made — I am very satisfied. Another bonus of this jewelry organizer is the little plastic sleeves for LABELING the contents of each drawer! Brilliant! Thanks for a great product.

  8. Lynne E. Bernier

    This box is exactly what I needed for my project to organize hundreds of pieces of costume jewelry. It is well made and nicer than shown in the photo.

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