(20161202-2-005) Petrus Big Bear Upright JB – Dark Walnut

By | December 1, 2016

(20161202-2-005) Petrus Big Bear Upright JB - Dark Walnut

Price: $108.41


The Big Bear is aptly named, indeed! Sumptuously crafted of rich Walnut wood and antiqued hardware, this big, attractive upright jewelry box brings a host of storage options to the table. Its 2 side swing-out doors each have 4 pendant hooks, 6 pull-out drawers with dividers accommodate pins, earrings, bracelets, and other jewelry, while the top storage well hosts 3 compartments, plus 3 ring rolls. One of our best sellers. Features: Rich Walnut finish with velvet lining Mirror under lid Multiple ring rolls, compartments and hooks 2 side swing-out doors (with 4 necklace hooks each side) 6 pull-out drawers with dividers 3 ring rolls in top well Antiqued, nickel-toned hardware Lock & key Dimensions: 14.5″x11″x6.75″Rich Walnut finish with velvet lining
Mirror under lid. Multiple ring rolls, compartments and hooks
2 side swing-out doors (with 4 necklace hooks each side); 6 pull-out drawers with dividers; 3 ring rolls in top well
Antiqued, nickel-toned hardware; Lock & key
Dimensions: 14.5″x11″x6.75″

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8 thoughts on “(20161202-2-005) Petrus Big Bear Upright JB – Dark Walnut

  1. Patricia A. Van Wy

    This was a gift for a very particular young lady. She LOVES it so I’m happy. It is sometimes hard to decide on a purchase when looking online but the photos that were on this page were excellent and gave me a great idea of what it would look like in personl It is very well made and amazing heavy too. Well worth the $ for the smile on her face. Thank you!

  2. garrett

    I bought this for my wife for Christmas. She loved it. It looks just like it does in the pictures. The wood has a nice color to it. This jewelry box is well made. Its heavy, stout and there is nothing flimsy about it. The inside is nice and soft so you don’t have to worry about it scratching anything. I went back and forth looking at different jewelry boxes and am glad I bought this one. I would buy it again.

  3. K.C.

    This is a very well made wooden jewelry box. I like how necklaces can be hung on each side that opens up with generous number of hooks. Most of my necklaces are 18 inches in length and when hung do not drag on the bottom of the fold out. Drawers are roomy and many places for rings I. The ring holders. This box is very large.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Very nice box, seems quite well made. One issue is the color. The photo shows a nice mahogany color (which it is) but the description says it is “dark walnut”. It is not dark walnut. Who ever wrote that is not knowledgeable as to what dark walnut is. I was hoping that it actually was a dark walnut and the picture was just bad. I have attached a photo of what dark walnut looks like.

  5. Amazon Customer

    I bought it for my wife as a birthday gift and she really loves it.It has plenty of space which fits all needs of average woman.At the same time it looks nice in our bedroom matching with an other furniture.

  6. R. Scheffer

    Was very impressed when I opened box. The wood is smooth and all the boxes fit well. Each of the boxes that has dividers are straight, in tightly and look quite nice. Overall this is a lovely box for jewelry

  7. Boogaloo

    I am happy to report that this is a well-made jewelry box. The wood is sturdy and beautiful in color, the legs are level, the hinges are good, the dividers are nice, and the lock actually works. However, to be honest with you the lock only locks the top drawer so the lock and key is more of a decorative touch. I don’t mind! The drawers are divided into several compartment sizes (from 1, to 2, to 3 and 4 divisions of various sizes). And you can move the drawers up or down depending on your preferences since the drawers are all the same size. The sides open up to hang necklaces, and there is a stopper to keep necklaces inside properly. There is a mirror and two rows for rings in the top compartment. I have a fair amount of jewelry, and this jewelry box fits all of my jewelry, minus a few of my costume jewelry pieces, which can go to the Salvation Army. Oh yes, I am absolutely completely and excitedly satisfied with this product! See my photos, attached here to give you a visual. Thank you Petrus!

  8. Carol

    This is awesome!!! The wood is beautiful, the workmanship excellent, and the hardware extremely sturdy. And the price? Well I still can’t believe what a deal it was! Recommended for anyone looking for a beautiful, well made jewelry box. Oh yeh…it held everything I needed it to also 🙂

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